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Quest for Quality

Rocky Mountain School District #6
620 4th Street, P.O. Box 430
Invermere BC V0A1K0
Telephone: 1.250.342.9243

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District Directions

In Rocky Mountain School District:
  1. Our students and staff feel safe, connected, and valued
  2. Our students experience environmental, outdoor, and community-based learning
  3. Our learning community is research-based and collaborative
  4. Our learning is empowered by technology
  5. Our communication results in common understanding
“We will care deeply, act wisely, and find joy in each day.”

District Directions Process Overview:
Throughout the 2013 calendar year the Board of Education engaged in a process to set key goals for the next 5 years, through to the end of 2018. A multi-stakeholder committee was formed including Trustees, District staff, admin staff, employee group representatives, aboriginal community representatives and parents. With the assistance of a BC Trustees' Association Facilitator, and using an Appreciative Inquiry approach, key questions were formulated by the group. These questions were then distributed widely through our communities using "Thoughtstream", generating thousands of responses. The questions were:
Q1: What do you feel are some examples of things we are doing well in our schools and in supporting learning?
Q2: What do you feel are some challenges in our schools and in supporting learning that need to be addressed?
Q3: What are some creative suggestions for new ways we can support our schools and support learning?
The responses were grouped and sorted and organized on a website. The committee reconvened and developed the Directions, consistent with the input received from our communities and consistent with the Appreciative Inquiry approach used from the beginning of the process. 

Strategic initiatives supporting each direction have been ongoing in our District ever since these Directions took effect. They are archived in the District Learning Leadership Report (access under the "Learning" menu).  

"Our District Directions 2018 represent the hopes, dreams, and ideas of many staff, parents, community members, and students who contributed to a Thoughtstream process, multi-partner dialogue, and Board review to uncover these 5 key themes to guide our work and shape our culture."  -  Paul Carriere, Superintendent of Schools