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Quest for Quality

Rocky Mountain School District #6
620 4th Street, P.O. Box 430
Invermere BC V0A1K0
Telephone: 1.250.342.9243

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Superintendent notes:

Please feel free to contact me at Paul.Carriere@sd6.bc.ca. You can also telephone me at my office at 250-342-9243 (ext 4671) and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I will post messages of interest below from time to time, but also want to draw your attention to the Learning Leadership report which is published monthly and found under the "Learning" menu or by clicking on the red button at the top of the page. We also post messages to twitter from time to time and encourage you to follow us. See the left side of the main page for more information.

Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year!
In June, we said farewell to a very capable group of graduates, and we now begin a brand new relationship with our newest SD6 community members, our Kindergarten students! It is a great source of pride for us that from the moment our youngest ones let go of their parent’s hand and join their first class, to the moment when they cross the graduation stage with “dignity, purpose and options” we have a whole community dedicated to supporting them along the way.
A warm welcome to our new staff, students and parents. Please take the time to read/review our District Mission, Vision, Values and Guiding Principles on our website at www.sd6.bc.ca  under the “About Us” menu. The District Motto is “Quest for Quality” and that emphasizes our desire to work together and do our very best for students. Our Guiding Principles are summarized by the phrase “we will care deeply, act wisely and find joy in each day!” I also want to draw your attention to our “District Directions 2018” http://www.sd6.bc.ca/index.php?25-district-directions, our “District Plan for Student Success” http://apps.sd6.bc.ca/achievement/DPS2016/DistrictSuccessPlan2016.pdf and the Learning Leadership Report http://www.sd6.bc.ca/index.php?50-learning-leadership-report which is published monthly and features many events and activities taking place across our District every day of the school year. Looking at these documents is a great way to gather a sense of our Rocky Mountain culture.
We have new staff members in District positions this year. In the Central Office, we welcome Surrena Craig in the role of Health and Safety Officer. We also welcome Joseph Baron as the new Principal at Windermere Elementary, Jill Jensen as the new Principal of Martin Morigeau Elementary and Alyssan Gauthier as the Vice Principal (Jill will retain her duties at JA Laird). We wish these staff members every success in their new positions.  We are grateful to Wayne Pelter (Health and Safety), Bendina Miller (WES), Gail Rines (MMES) and Shayla Richards (District Psychologist) who are leaving us, and we wish them all the very best in the future.
Our District continues with improving achievement trends, and a strong focus on supporting every student. We know that if students are succeeding in their literacy and numeracy development, and if they are attending school regularly, they will be on the path to success. We track results and plan interventions across the system to help students needing more assistance. As well, we are focused on increasing the achievement results of our Aboriginal learners, and the Enhancement Agreement, signed with our partners in June 2015, is an important tool to help us get there.
In the Provincial picture, the new K-9 curriculum is now fully implemented, and we have one more year of planning and then we will be implementing the Grade 10-12 program. For more information about upcoming changes to the graduation program, please follow this link, https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/graduation-info. As well, the redesigned Foundation Skills Assessment for students in Grades 4 and 7 will be administered earlier in the year, from October 2 – November 10. Please see https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/assessment-reporting/new-foundation-skills-assessment for more information.
On behalf of the Board of Education and the Senior Staff of the District, we thank you for everything you do to ensure the success of our students.
Have a great year!

2016-17 in Review

As I completed my tour through the District this Spring, it was my pleasure to reflect on the way our entire education community has engaged in work that has captured "District Directions 2018". It filled me with optimism, not just because I saw dedicated teachers and hard working students, but because I saw so many examples of connectedness, of celebrating our sense of place, of collaborative practice, thoughtful use of technology, and high quality communication. The "Directions" are a framework for what we value in SD6, and they continue to guide our work and shape our culture, every day. 

Just some of our highlights over the course of the year were:

  • District Day - with a host of sessions and learning and training opportunities for all staff
  • Education Meet and Greet at the Community Greenhouse at DTSS
  • Annual Gathering of partners to our Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement
  • Grand Opening of the Mountain Child Early Learning and Care Centre in Golden
  • Take me outside days - Fall, Winter and Spring
  • Grand re-opening of our District Resource Centre
  • Incredible examples of exploration of Applied Design Skills and Technology Curriculum across schools
  • Establishment of a Long Term Facility Plan for the District
  • Art from the Heart at Pynelogs
  • Marysville winning the BC Green Games
  • A student leadership conference at GSS
  • A fantastic Rocky Rewards trip for International Students, a result of many works of community service
  • A very successful series of collaborative grant projects
  • Students exploring computer coding all over the district
  • Celebrations of Student Success sessions in each zone

And this is by no means the full story. It is truly overwhelming when you consider the richness of the educational enviromments being created in SD6. I want to extend my appreciation to our staff and students for your hard work and creativity, to our parents and community partners for your involvement, and to our very supportive Board of Education. This is a great school district because of its people, and you make the difference because you "care deeply, act wisely, and find joy in each day". Congratulations on an amazing school year.