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Quest for Quality

Rocky Mountain School District #6
620 4th Street, P.O. Box 430
Invermere BC V0A1K0
Telephone: 1.250.342.9243

Go Live News Update
freshgrade is continuing to work on a resolution to a required bug fix for districts using the general data extract from MyEducation BC.  They are hoping to have the live database ready for testing on September 20th with a new go live date of September 21st.

Freshgrade Implementation Information
SD 6 has signed a partnership agreement with freshgrade and is now providing all interested teachers with a district account.  With district accounts class and student information is loaded directly from MyEdBC and student data is stored across school years to provide a K-12 learning journey rather than a yearly snapshot.

Implementation Process and Timeline
The district account will become active September 16th 2016.  At this time teachers will have access to district accounts with class and student data loaded.  We are using the AM and PM attendance class from MyEd as the initial class for setup.

Prior to the district account becoming active teachers can create free accounts to explore freshgrade.  The free accounts and district accounts cannot be merged, so please do not spend time setting up classes.  The login email for both accounts will be your district email.

Next Steps for teachers
Advise your principal that you are interested in using freshgrade this year

Create a free account to explore freshgrade or wait for the district accounts to be created on September 16th.  https://app.freshgrade.com/login

Check out freshgrade online resources: https://freshgrade.zendesk.com/forums

Training Resources and Webinars